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Church of the Living God

801 S. 11th st Philadelphia Pa 19107

Church Of the Living God Commandment Keepers inc

God loves you and so do we

Upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matt. 16:18

The Founder’s of our church, the late Bishop Willie Reed Evans and his wife, Mother Pearl Evans were wonderfully converted in 1926 by God.

(1936 - 1949) Our church started as the Little Mission at 13th & Webster Streets in 1936. In this store front mission, God added to the church such as should be saved.

(1949) The church purchased a building located at 801 S. 11th St., the building was previously a three story factory. Also in 1949 Elder Willie Reed Evans was ordained to the Office of Bishop, and served in this capacity until his home going in 1978.

(1978 - 1984) The mantle of leadership fell on Mother Pearl Evans, the wife of the late Bishop, and she served until her home going in 1984. During her time of serving she appointed Elder Elton Evans, Sr. as the Assistant Pastor. After her passing he was ordained Pastor, by Bishop Julius Pope in the year of 1985.

During his ministry in 1992 God being the all Wise and loving God led Bro. Kenneth Fuller to this church. Knowing that in time he would be needed to help Mother Celeste Evans hold up the banner and carry on the work at the Church of the Living God. Under the leadership of Elder Evans, Brother Fuller was ordained Deacon. After a period of time he was ordained Elder. He was a big help during Elder Evans illness and after his passing in 1999. He continued to serve and help Mother Evans who being an Evangelist, and wife of pastor Evans, who has served faithfully for over 55 years, She was appointed Shepherd Mother of the Church of the Living God in year 2000 to continue the work of the Lord. Her guiding scripture is Prov. 3:6, in all things acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path.

(2007 - Present) During a Sabbath Eve (Friday night) Prayer service, Shepherd Mother informed Elder Fuller and those present that she was led by the Lord after much prayer to turn the pastoral ship over to him. He accepted the position and was install as Pastor of the Church of the Living God September 1, 2007.

God has continued to smile on us. The Church of the Living God has birthed many churches for which God is given the glory.

We are confident of this very thing that, He which have begun a good work in us, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Phil. 1:6


801 S. 11th st

Philadelphia, PA 19147